World of Goo

PC included. Easy to Medium. Physics game.

Pretty straight forward at first. You manipulate gooey balls into configurations so that you can achieve the goals set out in each level. Its beauty lies in that slowly you become embroiled in the bigger story, with a sinister twist. 


  1. Pawan showed me your blog - I think it's great!

    World of Goo was one of the first steam games I bought, I think "easy to insanely difficult" might be a better difficulty description, have you completed it? I haven't.

    If you haven't played Plants vs. Zombies I'd highly recommend that. Or Faster Than Light, I think FTL is my favourite game of the last 2-3 years.

  2. Hi Lawrence, i'm glad you came to visit.

    I remember there being some pretty tricky levels. Were there choices of easy and difficult level settings? I can't remember. But I may have cheated a couple of times by watching youtube videos towards the end :P And you must complete it! The ending blew me away and made the game stand out among physics games that may appear similar.

    Um yeah. Pawan got me onto FTL. I'm really enjoying it! I love how dynamic the game play is, how you never know what would happen when you jump. But I'm not very good yet and have died a few times now.

    Plant vs Zombies is fun too. Is it what people call a tower defence game? I only tried it for the first time like 4 months ago.

    My favourite game would probably have to be Planescape torment or civilization overall.

  3. I always forget about youtube! I used it recently but can't remember for what. Pretty sure I'll need it for Super Meat Boy at some point.

    I wouldn't be concerned at all about being "good" at FTL, I haven't completed it once even and regularly die. Pawan and I had an afternoon where we both started at the same time (I said GO) and even though I got to the end (but died) he focussed more on achievements. I think I should do that. If you like the three of us can get together and play it? My proper name is Laurence - you can find me through Pawan's facebook if you life